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Friday, June 21, 2024

Electric Vehicles

Government subsidies drive a resurgence in China’s EV market

China’s EV makers, such as Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto, see a promising 2024 ahead, boosted by government subsidies and rising consumer demand.

Rivian’s R1 vehicles undergo a significant overhaul

Rivian's R1 vehicles get a significant overhaul with new architecture and upgrades for better performance and efficiency.

Malaysia embraces future with new semiconductor strategy with Siemens

Malaysia's new National Semiconductor Strategy aims to make the country a global semiconductor leader, with Siemens playing a pivotal role in this transformative initiative.

Xiaomi records significant growth in Q1 2024

Xiaomi's Q1 2024 results show significant growth with record revenue and profits, driven by its smartphone, IoT, and smart EV sectors, as it continues to expand globally.

Hyundai pushes forward with EVs despite a sales slowdown

Hyundai commits to EVs despite a sales slump, with a US$7.6 billion plant in Georgia, aggressive lease programmes, and a partnership with Tesla.

GM partners with Redwood Materials to recycle EV battery scrap

GM teams up with Redwood Materials to recycle EV battery scrap from two facilities, promoting sustainable battery production and waste reduction.

The rise of the microcar: Compact EVs are making their mark

Explore why microcars are gaining popularity in congested cities and discover key models making a mark in the compact EV market.

Biden seeks to prevent an influx of cheap Chinese EVs

President Biden plans to increase tariffs on Chinese EVs to protect U.S. automakers from cheaper imports and support domestic production.