Friday, February 23, 2024


Nintendo postpones next-generation console launch to 2025

Nintendo's next-gen console, the Switch 2, is now set for an early 2025 launch, focusing on a robust first-party game lineup.

Princess Peach unveils four new transformations in Showtime trailer

Nintendo unveils four captivating new professions for Princess Peach's myriad transformations in "Princess Peach: Showtime" trailer.

Nintendo Switch sales surpass 139 million, confirmed as core business for 2024

Nintendo's Switch continues to dominate, with 139 million units sold and a strong outlook for 2024. Fans eagerly await news of a 'Switch 2'.

Nintendo’s Indie World event unveils exciting titles for Switch

Nintendo's Indie World event unveils an exciting lineup of indie games for the Switch, promising a diverse range of adventures and experiences, launching later this year and in 2024.

The Ayaneo Flip DS aims to recapture the magic of Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld

Ayaneo introduces the Flip DS, a handheld gaming device with a dual-screen design reminiscent of the classic Nintendo DS.

Nintendo to debut its first pop-up store in Singapore this November

Nintendo is set to launch its first-ever pop-up store in Singapore, open from November 17, 2023, to January 1, 2024, offering exclusive merchandise and limited-time offers.

New console brings Nintendo 64 games into the 4K era

Analogue unveils its new console, the Analogue 3D, designed to run Nintendo 64 games in 4K resolution.

Online play on 3DS and Wii U to end next year

Nintendo to end online play and communication for 3DS and Wii U from April 2024, closing the chapter on many iconic games on these platforms.