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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Pre-order cancellations for Ghost of Tsushima on PC in non-PlayStation Network countries

Discover why Steam, Epic, and GMG are cancelling pre-orders for Ghost of Tsushima on PC in countries without PSN access.

As the Nintendo Switch nears PlayStation 2’s sales records, Sony revises figures

Nintendo's Switch is close to surpassing PS2's sales, but Sony's update reveals a new target, highlighting the ongoing rivalry and achievements in console history.

Best smartphone for 2024: Apple and Samsung, OPPO, Google phones reviewed

Explore the best 2024 smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, OnePlus 12R, and OPPO Find N3 Flip. Compare AI capabilities, camera tech, and designs to find your ideal match.

Sony introduces “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label for superior gaming experiences

Discover how Sony's "PS5 Pro Enhanced" label will guide players to games that maximise the new console's advanced features.

Leica gears up to unveil a new rival to Fujifilm’s X100VI

Anticipation builds as Leica is rumored to announce a new camera to compete with Fujifilm's X100VI, possibly featuring a new APS-C sensor and prime lens.

Sony pauses PSVR 2 production amidst unsold stockpile

Sony halts PSVR 2 production to address unsold stock, amid challenges of matching high hardware costs with compelling content.

Sony unveils a fresh PS5 update with enhanced DualSense audio and screen-sharing features

Sony's latest PS5 update enhances DualSense audio, introduces interactive screen sharing features, and allows for brightness adjustment.

Sony announces significant workforce reductions in PlayStation division

Sony announces the layoff of 900 employees in its PlayStation division, reflecting broader industry challenges.