Sunday, December 3, 2023


Major brands halt ads on X amid antisemitism backlash

Major companies like Apple, Disney, Lionsgate, and more suspend ads on X amidst rising antisemitic content concerns, signalling a significant shift in the advertising landscape on the platform.

Instagram’s Threads gears up for developer engagement with an upcoming API

Instagram's Threads is working on an API to engage developers, aiming to enhance user experience and expand its features while steadily growing its user base.

X updates its policy on ‘newsworthy’ content amidst ongoing conflicts

X revises its 'newsworthy' policy to encompass more content amid escalating conflicts, navigating the thin line between real-time updates and potential misinformation.

X rolls out subscriber-only DMs, boosting engagement and creator revenue

X unveils subscriber-only DM feature, boosting creator-subscriber engagement and supporting a community-focused platform for original content.

The transformation of Twitter to X: Privacy, policy, and projections

As the digital space evolves, so does the landscape of social media platforms. The most recent significant metamorphosis in this sector is the transformation of...

How are Big Tech firms re-opening their offices and getting back to work?

There was rampant speculation that one of the long-term implications would be the end of the office

Twitter rolls out Instagram Stories-like feature Fleets in India

Back in early March 2020, Twitter announced that it was testing its own version of transient content (akin to the likes of Snapchat and...

Twitter in the process of testing a feature that will allow you to see quoted retweets

You may have seen bomboclaat and sco pa tu mana tweets on your timeline, and in case you did not know what they represent,...