The best gaming keyboard for 2020: Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB

The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB

A fast-response gaming keyboard is what will set you apart from thousands of other gamers online. You might not think that it’s going to make all that much difference, but remember that this is an arena in which milliseconds mean more than anywhere else. Not sure how to find your perfect fit? Please take a look below as we have you covered.

SteelSeries Apex 7

The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB - APEX 7

If you’re looking for a classic piece of kit that’s going to help elevate your gaming, look no further. The smooth style of the keys and ergonomic layout is something you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. And that’s before we even get to the instant response of each key. 


  • Ergonomic design is perfect for every level of gamer
  • Magnetic wrist guard provides extra comfort for prolonged gaming
  • The colorful RGB layout is ideal for gaming with the lights down low
  • The SteelSeries Engine software or the OLED screen allows you to reprogram keys, create macros, adjust the backlighting, and so forth


  • Keycaps don’t feel great as the rest
  • Would like to see a little more depth to the color range 
  • When the RGB lighting are turned all the way off, the lettering on the keyboard is slightly faint and hard to read

Logitech G413 Carbon

The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB - G413 Carbon

When you’re searching for a gaming keyboard, this is a brand name that surely needs no introduction. They’ve been around forever, they know what they’re doing, and they’ve gone back to basics in a big way with the G413 Carbon. It’s sleek, elegant, and designed to do nothing other than to perform. 


  • Sturdy build quality with its solid, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate
  • Classic, simple design that you’ll instantly fall in love with


  • Not the biggest array of colors and lighting functions 
  • Not for those of you who want your tech to take centerstage from an aesthetic point of view
  • Some of you may want a keyboard with a larger footprint 
  • Lack of any dedicated media buttons


The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB - Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM

There are some of you out there who have been predicting the decline of mechanical keyboards for a decade now. Unfortunately for you, this latest offering from Corsair is yet more proof that they’re not going anywhere in the near future. This keyboard is just what you want to hear when you want that smooth, instant key return you’ve grown up playing with. 


  • The Cherry MX mechanical switches are basically “bulletproof”
  • Vibrant colors and lighting gives a gorgeous touch especially how the colors wash across Corsair’s transparent logo
  • Instant key return is perfect when every millisecond counts
  • A volume wheel, media controls, lighting toggles and gaming modes all within easy reach


  • Not for those of you who prefer optics over mechanics 
  • The overly complicated software can be a pain to use, however there are plenty of templates to assist you on lighting settings
  • This keyboard is rather big due to its full-size design
  • Can slip from time to time when you’re gaming on the edge 

Fantech MAX PRO MK851

The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB - MAX PRO MK851

As gaming keyboards go, this has to be right near the top of our list, particularly for those of you who are into eSports. That’s because the smoothness and response time of the mechanical switches really is second to none. They work over and over again, giving you that cutting edge that you need when it’s time to make a name for yourself online. 

The great news here is that the Max Pro MK851 is only just getting started in terms of its development, and Fantech can be considered as one of the newer players in this industry. You can expect to see new editions and iterations that take the response times to even greater heights, all while keeping the signature style Fantech is known for. 


  • An iconic look for the gamer who never wants to settle for second place 
  • Fast-response mechanical switches are designed to make every split second count 
  • The ergonomic layout is so intuitive that you’ll feel like you’ve been using it for years
  • Media controls and additional USB provides much needed convenience and extra connectivity 


  • Not suitable if you want a bulkier, larger footprint model
  • Could be better if there is a detactable wrist guard for long gaming hours
  • There’s always room for more colors and light options
  • The software can be much better, and there’s room for improvement

Razer Huntsman Elite OPTO

The best gaming keyboard for 2020 Mechanical, optical switch, wireless and RGB - Razer Huntsman Elite OPTO

When it’s time to game like you’ve always dreamed, nothing compares to the feel of optical and mechanical switches working together in perfect harmony. They allow you to make every single millisecond count and get those fine margins finally working in your favor. Just what you want to see when it’s time to see the jump in your ranking your hours of patience and perseverance deserves. 


  • Powerful multi-function digital dial with three tactile media keys offers you instant access to everything from brightness to volume in seconds
  • Novel hybrid switches which is a unique combination of optical and mechanical switches 
  • A comfortable footprint for any sized gaming setup 
  • Amazing Chroma-enabled RGB wrist-rest that attaches to the keyboard magnetically


  • Razer’s Synapse 3 software is pretty, but complicated to use to set up profiles for games or reprogram buttons
  • In order to illuminate both keyboard and wrist rest, you need to plug in two USB cables
  • The sound of these keys might be too noisy for some

Final Thoughts 

There’s perhaps nothing more important to your setup than finding the right gaming keyboard. It’s what separates the champions from the rest, so make sure you take the time to get it right. One thing is for sure; you won’t regret that little bit of extra time and money once you’re cruising up the rankings with ease. 

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