Animal Crossing New Horizons costumes that resemble outfits from Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by Hugo Hsu

One thing that most people love about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is the freedom to make costumes without any limits. Recently, a Twitter user spent a lot of time to bring out some familiar costumes into Animal Crossing Horizons.

The Twitter user made costumes similar to costumes with some characters in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Specifically, the user made costumes that were inspired after Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Cloud, characters.

Animal Crossing has not introduced hairstyles that can complement the costumes yet, but they are still fantastic. Based on the image posted by The Regressor, the twitter user, it seems like none of the hairstyles available on Animal Crossing Horizons truly mimics the characters in FF7R.

Barret appears to have longer and thicker hair, Cloud seems to have dreadlocks instead of spiky hair, Aerith’s hair is tied wrongly, and Tifa’s hairstyle is a little bit wavy rather than straight.

But to be fair, it’s not like The Regressor was trying to replicate FF7R characters. He didn’t even name them by their actual names. He used other names such as Flower Girl, Bar Tender, Ex-Soldier A, and Coal Miner A. Its FF7R fans who concluded that the characters are the ones they know from their favorite game.

Animal Crossing Horizons costumes

Making every outfit accessible for everyone, despite skin color preference in-game, are variations for every outfit. This means that whether there is a fair in complexation or there isn’t, there is a type of outfit to wear that probably resembles a character who is familiar to many people.

So, regardless of whether the outfits resembles Final Fantasy 7 remake characters or not, there is no reason you should not love them, especially considering that the creator is giving them out for free. The Regressor had already tweeted the codes so that anyone who wanted to could claim.

There are many other costumes inspired after legendary games like the Final Fantasy, all of which adds some charm to Animal Crossing Horizons. It is just a matter of giving them a try yourself and seeing if they make you happy or not.

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