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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Apple unveils macOS Sequoia with iPhone mirroring and a new password app

Apple’s macOS Sequoia introduces iPhone Mirroring, a standalone password app, and Apple Intelligence, available as a free update later this year.



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Apple has just unveiled the latest version of its macOS, named macOS Sequoia. This update, inspired by the majestic Sequoia tree, brings a host of exciting features, including innovative iPhone mirroring and a standalone password app. These additions, along with Apple's suite of tools, known as Apple Intelligence, set macOS Sequoia apart. Let's delve into these unique features.

iPhone mirroring

One of the standout features of macOS Sequoia is iPhone mirroring. This feature allows you to control your iPhone wirelessly from your Mac, enhancing your productivity and convenience. Your iPhone's Home Screen appears on your Mac, and you can interact with it using your Mac's keyboard and mouse. You can open apps, and the audio from your iPhone will play through your Mac, making multitasking a breeze.

What's particularly impressive is that your iPhone's screen stays locked while you use iPhone mirroring. This means you can continue using it while charging in standby mode. This feature promises to be a game-changer, and many eagerly await live demonstrations.

Windows management

Finally catching up with user demands, macOS Sequoia introduces built-in Windows management. This makes it easier to organise your workspace. When you drag an app to the edge of your display, macOS Sequoia suggests ways to tile your app on the screen. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to manage your apps even more efficiently.

A significant addition is the standalone Passwords app. Previously, password management was hidden within the Settings app. Now, with a dedicated app, managing and syncing passwords across all your Apple devices is more straightforward, providing a secure and seamless login experience for websites and services.

Gaming developments

Apple continues to push on the Mac by introducing Game Porting Toolkit 2 in macOS Sequoia. This toolkit simplifies the process for developers to bring their games to the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Additionally, Apple has announced that several highly anticipated games will soon be available on Mac. Titles such as Assassin's Creed Shadows, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, World of Warcraft: The War Within, and more are on the horizon.

macOS Sequoia is not just about fun and games. It's also about boosting your productivity. With the integration of Apple's generative AI tools, branded as Apple Intelligence, you can take your work to the next level. Imagine having systemwide writing tools that can assist with proofreading, summarising, and even rewriting documents. These tools are compatible with almost any app that involves writing, including Pages, Mail, Notes, and third-party apps. It's like having a personal assistant for your writing tasks, empowering you to do more in less time.

Other AI tools include Image Playground for generating images, the Clean Up tool in Photos for removing distracting elements from photos, and an enhanced Siri for improved user interaction.

macOS Sequoia will be available as a free update later this year. The Apple Intelligence features will be accessible on all Macs powered by an M1 chip or newer.

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