Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a disaster in its launch in some parts of Asia

by Hugo Hsu

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Square Enix still managed to release the Final Fantasy VII Remake on time. However, in some parts of Asia, the launch has not been received as smoothly as in most regions. Users in countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore were angry at Sony after they mistakenly bought Korean/Chinese version of the title, instead of the English/Japanese that was advertised. 

If you look at the PlayStation Store page, you will realize that they have not indicated the language you will get once you buy the game, which has left lots of fans really frustrated. “The pre-order did not state the language, and now I have the Chinese version when I want the English one,” one player said.

The backlash in these parts of Asia has been so much that Sony had to comment on it:

We don’t know exactly how Sony is planning to resolve the situation, but they better act fast and provide a speedy solution. Our guess is Sony will give the game owners access to both versions of the game, and allow them to download the one of their choosing. We hope that they will offer a resolution fast as thousands have waited for years to play the game.

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