Google I/O features Singapore startup, BandLab

Google IO features Singapore startup, BandLab

Amidst the excitement arising from the announcement at Google I/O conference last week, Singapore startup, BandLab, was featured in two of Google’s presentations where 7,000 of the world’s top programmers gather in Mountain View, California.

The free-to-use social music platform, owned by BandLab, started in 2015 and it is a social music platform which is used by millions of creators and fans around the world to create, collaborate and share music. The app was born out of a frustration that, even though technology has increased the quality of the process in music-making, it has also made it more fragmented that ideas are easily lost when the musician should be inspired. The startup was a partner of American pop-culture magazine, Rolling Stone.

In the first presentation, BandLab was used as a creative tool by Lad In A Battle, a US-based company which uses art to cheer up children battling life-threatening illnesses. James Orrigo brings students together to cheer up a pediatric patient, bringing his favorite things to life via video, art, and music.

The second was using BandLab by three artists from London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to facilitate remote collaboration for a dance track, ‘We Need a Change.’

This feature also marks the first time a Singapore startup has been highlighted at the esteemed technology conference.

Image credit: BandLab Technologies

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