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How the startup economy is replacing the traditional resume


Finding a job is not an easy mission to cope with, especially nowadays, when the startup-based economy is changing the rules of the game to the core. If you think that applying with your ordinary resume would suffice in the conditions of today's labor market, you should better prepare yourself for a myriad of disappointments. The companies of the 21st century, the majority of which have been created as startups, are looking for the employees of a new generation. So, if you want to succeed and find a new job of your dream, get ready to alter your resume in accordance with the neoteric requirements.

This article by Alina Burakova, an education expert and reviewer that writes professional resume writer reviews, as well as helped hundreds of people to find the jobs of their dreams with her resumes and incredible ability to analyze and review the labor market, talks about how you should do it.

Talk about your experiences

Modern employers mostly do not care about your education. That is correct. Of , it does not mean that you have to evaluate the reason for going to college, but make sure you have some experience behind your back when you apply for a startup. However, here come two tips for those who have just graduated and have no experience at all:

The experience

Talk about everything that you have done at college. Always pay attention to the way a writer can speak about one's experience because it is what really matters. Even a particular research project can play a pivotal role in the final decision of the employer. Everything you do is an experience, make sure that you represent it in the right manner.

The tech

The majority of startups are tech companies. Hence, their CEOs and hiring managers want to see people who understand how technologies work. Apply for online courses and get some technical expertise and make sure to mention it in your resume.

Remember, while education still matters in the modern world, the majority of startups are based on the ideas that have not reached the universities' auditoriums yet. Your resume has to show that you are capable of thinking creatively in the hardest of times. 

Make it simple

Nowadays, nobody has time to read about your endless accomplishment. Your resume must be succinct and up to a point. Choose the simplest layout there is and start filling it up with short yet striking facts. 

Successful startups are based on prolific teams, as there is no “I” in a team. Hence, you will have only a couple of seconds to capture their attention, and a wordy resume will not suffice in this case. So, if you want to work with a startup, make sure that your resume is concise and easy to read.

Make it custom

Remember, you apply for a position, not for an entire company. In accordance with the latest research, the CEOs of the majority of up-and-coming companies are all about your experience. Therefore, all the startups would like to see in your resume that you would become a great fit, namely, for this position. For example, if you want to work in the marketing department, show them that you can convince people to buy even when they do not have money to do it. Thus, it might be a great idea to start your resume with a short professional summary that will surely convince them to read the document until the end. Here comes a good example for a person who applies, for instance, for the position of a /UI designer:

I am a professional UX/UI designer with two years of experience and eternal motivation and inspiration to create the best designs for our customers.

The startup companies want to see your vision and your attitude, so show it to them from the very first sentence, already associating yourself with the company by saying them the customers are not theirs but ours.


It can be seen that the startup economy has changed the way people apply for jobs because the requirements towards the employees have also changed. Now, you cannot expect yourself to get hired by sending a resume that you crafted even one year ago. The industries' standards alter on a daily basis, and there is no way to hide from it. You have to keep your skills and experiences up to date and, what is more, do not forget to document them duly and timely in your resume. Startups want to work with people who take proper care of their professional image.

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Vanessa Koh
Vanessa Koh
Vanessa Koh is a senior writer at Tech Edition. She explores wide-ranging topics from the workplace, management, and leadership to artificial intelligence and the metaverse. She loves to work with companies and often explores how work is changing today.

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