Learn how to build your brand communities like Google, Twitch and Sephora

Learn how to build your brand communities like Google, Twitch and Sephora

Establishing the right brand communities is an amazing and powerful way to shape your business and take it to new heights. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, but the best part here is that once you connect with the customers and provide them with value, you will retain their loyalty, and that’s what you need the most. 

Google focuses on Labs

Google does an outstanding job because it invests in something called “Labs.” The idea here is that these labs focus on particular industries and their current issues. There are Food Lab, Eating Lab, and so on. In turn, Google is known as a brand that inspires the food industry, while it refines (and reduces) it’s monstrous spending on healthy employee food perks.

The great thing about this system is that they work very hard with some of the best in the industry to push things to the next level. It’s a fascinating aspect that a lot of companies can learn about. Focus on your niche, gather the most innovative people in your business, and start creating new stuff.

Twitch grows with local groups

Learn how to build your brand communities like Google, Twitch and Sephora - Twitch

Twitch has more than 2 million viewers per month on its live stream digital broadcasts. The platform has a multitude of city-based groups that foster new connections and embrace unique opportunities one over the other. That being said, these groups need to bring in members, and that’s how Twitch is growing here. Twitch invests in building over 40 local, city-based groups, each hosting real-life and virtual events to foster friendships and relationships between the local Twitch members. It helps make it a lot easier to push online interactions to the next level, while also bringing great innovation and unique ideas that can be explored.

Sephora connects with beauty enthusiasts

When it comes to Sephora, they focus a lot on creating a community of makeup enthusiasts. What makes this great is that the community itself is a part of the shopping experience. People talk about various products provided by the company, and they can also stay up to date with the latest trends and ideas. On top of that, the community members can also provide all kinds of great ideas regarding products people can buy.

This means Sephora makes it easy for the community to showcase the product, bring in a lot of word of mouth, and generate leads naturally. It’s a system that works incredibly well, and you will find it very innovative and creative at the same time. 

What can you learn from these brands?

Real communities are made up of relationships. Even if they use a different approach, the idea is always the same. You need to show customers that they can get a lot of value from you, and you care for them. Investing in creating a community and making that a part of the experience is what really matters. Even if it requires some time investment, it’s well worth it.

If you want to create a great brand community, you always need to think outside the box. Helping people and offering them the assistance and support they need can matter quite a lot. You need to figure out what to expect and what system works for you. It’s not easy to help people and create a community. Yet as long as you offer a lot of value and bring in some rewards for the community, things will be a lot easier!

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