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Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Nintendo Switch: All you need to know

Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch are two great choices when it comes to small portable gaming consoles. Nintendo OLED is the latest Switch version, and it is just amazing, but the basic Switch still has its own advantages. Both will give you access to many great game titles and make your entertainment so much easier. If you are currently deciding which one you would like to take for yourself, keep reading to see all the details for both.


The Nintendo Switch OLED is not that different than the original Switch version. It is actually very similar to it, starting from the neon blue and red color scheme, the buttons, and the removable Joy-Cons. There is a new White version as well, and this one is the one you will find more often than the other.

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One of the main changes in the design is the size. Nintendo Switch OLED has a  vibrant 7-inch OLED panel, and the previous version is a 6,2-inch LCD panel. This led to the cutting of the bezels of the original version. This makes the design a bit more modern and appealing. The good thing is that even with this change, the Joy-Con controllers you might have from the previous Switch version will work great with the OLED one. 

Something else that fans are happy about is that with the new OLED version, the feeble kickstand is way less fragile. You might see that it is a bit bigger, and it runs across almost the whole back of the console. But the stand is still highly adjustable, making it perfect for playing even from different viewing angles.

Another aspect that was redesigned is the speakers. You might not notice it immediately because they are still on the bottom and not so visible. However, they work way better, and you will have a much better gaming experience thanks to the great sound. 

Nintendo Switch OLED has one really great improvement introduced — the Ethernet (LAN) port. Now you don't have to rely only on your wifi connection, but you can just connect your console to your home internet. And the storage now is doubled to 64GB, and you can add a microSD card to take the most advantage of your console.

The new console comes with a dock, and you can again play on your TV. But you need to keep in mind that contrary to PlayStation and Xbox, Switch doesn't offer any 4K output and the max resolution you can have is 1,080p. 

The battery is also better than the Nintendo Switch basic version, which lasted a max of 6,5 hours. But now you can enjoy playing for up to 9 hours. Those are just the main improvements, but a number of accessories and minor functional enhancements will significantly improve your gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Nintendo Switch - 2


Well, you have probably guessed it, but the new Nintendo Switch has an OLED display. The main difference compared to the old version is that the black will be really black thanks to the emissive pixels. Nintendo Switch black looked a bit gray at moments and not so perfect as the OLED display will make it now. Especially if you like to play a bit before going to bed, this is a perfect improvement for you. 

And the other main difference is the size of the screen. Nintendo Switch OLED has the biggest screen that Nintendo introduced till date. However, the resolution is the same — 1,280 x 720 pixels.


Nintendo Switch OLED has the same processor — Nvidia Custom Tegra and RAM as the previous Switch version. So, the performance is not improved that much. The games will look better because of the display but not because Nintendo introduced a new powerhouse console.

Dock and TV compatibility

Many people prefer the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED instead of the Lite version because it can be connected to a TV. Both new versions come with docks, but there are slightly different. The difference is exactly the LAN cable we mentioned is available for the OLED version.


Here there are no changes in the Nintendo Switch OLED from the basic Switch version. They both come with two detachable Joy-Cons. You will be able to combine them again in one controller or use them as standalone controllers. 

Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Nintendo Switch - 3


Because there is no difference in the processor and the RAM, the games you can play on Nintendo Switch OLED and the basic version are pretty much the same. Since the new version is not more powerful, there are no different games developed specifically for it. However, some games will look better on the OLED display just because of the better color scheme.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of Nintendo, both Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch are perfect choices. As the OLED version is the newest one and has some significant improvements, if you are ready to spend more, this might be the better choice for you. However, if you already have the basic Switch version, for the moment, it might be better to wait for the Pro version that is rumored to be released in 2022.

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