PS5 reveal may happen sooner than we think - but will we see PS5 games?

PS5 reveal may happen sooner than we think – but will we see PS5 games?

The latest PS rumors suggest that the PS5 real event could take place on June 4, 2020. Jeffrey Grubb (he also leaked Nintendo Direct date last month) from GamesBeat posted on the gaming forum Resetera that the PS5 real event is scheduled for June 4.

Sony has not confirmed a PS5 reveal that will take place soon, but this date wouldn’t be completely out of the question, as it falls within the time we all expect Sony to reveal the PS5 in all its glory.

Sony had said that it would follow a reveal roadmap similar to the one they followed with PS4, although the outbreak of coronavirus may have disrupted their plans. Specs for PS4 were revealed in February 2013 before the company revealed the console, pricing, and launch lineup of games in June 2013, at E3.

Sony reveled PS5 specs this February, so we have been expecting a full PS5 reveal event to happen either in June orJuly. However, this has been made harder to predict since Sony was not planning to attend E3 2020.

The reveal event for PS5 will most likely showcase the lineup of PS5 launch titles, PS5 design, some third-party PS5 games, and PS5 price. We will hopefully hear about any exciting new PS5 features that Sony may have prepared for us.

Please note that Sony has not confirmed any reveal event in the near future, although it seems like the reveal will happen in the coming months. 

Currently, we already know Xbox Series X games will be revealed imminently. Microsoft announced that it would host a special episode Inside Xbox on May 7, 2020, during which Microsoft and its global partners will showcase next-gen gameplay that will run on Xbox Series X.

So, even if Sony will not hold the reveal event on June 4, we know we won’t need to wait for long before we see some next-gen goodness.

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