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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Pre-order cancellations for Ghost of Tsushima on PC in non-PlayStation Network countries

Discover why Steam, Epic, and GMG are cancelling pre-orders for Ghost of Tsushima on PC in countries without PSN access.

Bandai Namco launches One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch

Experience the adventure of One Piece like never before with One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition on Nintendo Switch.

All the highlights from Nintendo’s Indie World showcase

Discover the latest indie games announced at Nintendo's Indie World showcase, including exciting launches and demos available today.

Former PlayStation head joins Nintendo in third-party role

Gio Corsi, former PlayStation head, joins Nintendo in a similar role, impacting game development for Nintendo platforms.

As the Nintendo Switch nears PlayStation 2’s sales records, Sony revises figures

Nintendo's Switch is close to surpassing PS2's sales, but Sony's update reveals a new target, highlighting the ongoing rivalry and achievements in console history.

PlayStation 5 Pro: Leaked specs hint at a gaming revolution

Leaked specs of the PS5 Pro suggest major upgrades including a faster CPU, increased memory bandwidth, and groundbreaking visuals.

Sony unveils a fresh PS5 update with enhanced DualSense audio and screen-sharing features

Sony's latest PS5 update enhances DualSense audio, introduces interactive screen sharing features, and allows for brightness adjustment.

Sony unveils PS5 Genshin Impact bundle in Southeast Asia

Sony launches the PS5 Genshin Impact bundle in Southeast Asia, featuring exclusive in-game rewards and a unique console design.