Top 6 projectors you can buy in Singapore for your home entertainment

Top 6 projectors you can buy in Singapore for your home entertainment

A projector is one of the best options for your home entertainment system. It will allow you to get excellent picture quality, a bigger image, and maximize your entertainment experience. At Tech Edt, we’ve put in the hours to set-up, test, and stare at the top projectors available in the market right now – meaning we can help you decide which of the best projectors is really for you.

What’s more, the best projectors in this list offer some level of portability. That means it’s relatively easy to project your favorite movies and TV shows onto a wall and get the authentic cinema experience, then tuck it away on a shelf when you’re not using it.

Here’s our selection of the best home projectors you can buy to upgrade your home entertainment experience in Singapore.

BenQ GS2

Top 6 projectors - BenQ GS2

Let’s begin by looking at the BenQ GS2. If you’re looking for a portable projector, this could be one of the best models. It’s perfect for people who want something to take to camping with them. It can also be an excellent choice for an outdoor movie night.

The BenQ GS2 is highly durable, able to deal with poor weather conditions due to its IPX2 rating. And it is also able to survive being dropped. 

This lightweight, wireless, and durable projector also comes with three-hour battery life. As far as the battery is concerned, the unit comes with a built-in battery. When you finish using it, you can turn it off with the click of one button. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, as you don’t need to worry about plugging it in. It can also communicate with Bluetooth speakers, ensuring that you’ll be able to get good audio.  


Top 6 projectors - LUMOS AURO

Lumos AURO is a wonderful addition to the projector scene by a home-grown local Singaporean brand. Because of this, it might be an excellent projector choice for a home theatre set-up. Several features help this model stand out. First, it has a 1080p resolution. This is often referred to as full high-definition (FHD) resolution. It also provides a very bright picture due to its 6,000 lumens rating. This ensures that you’ll be able to get vivid colors on the projector screen, unlike standard projectors with 2000-3000 lumens only.

This projector was designed to be a short-throw projector with a 1.5m throw distance. Positioned 1.5 meters away from the screen, you’ll be able to get a maximum projection size of 90 inches by 2.5 meters. It’s also been designed to deliver excellent sound quality due to its Dolby Audio support.


Top 6 projectors - XGIMI H2

If you’re looking for a smaller model, you might want to consider the XGIMI H2. Though it’s small, its features will make a significant impact on your home theatre. It does this through an innovative set of options. 

First, it has 1350 ANSI lumens, delivering good brightness, even when you’re watching a movie in a dim room. 

It has a high-quality projection, giving you HD-quality images with its 1080p resolution with 2K/4K compatibility. Also, it will be able to compensate for the motion automatically. Meaning, it will provide a crystal clear picture. 

This model comes with a built-in speaker system powered by Harman Kardon that creates a theatre-quality sound. It will be crisp and clear, delivering a vibrant sound. The speakers also incorporate a powerful bass. If you want, you’ll be able to use Bluetooth to connect it to an external speaker system. 

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector Mini

Top 6 projectors - Mi Smart Projector Mini

If you need a lightweight and portable projector, you might want to consider getting a Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector Mini. It is so small that you’ll be able to hold it in one hand. That makes it perfect for putting into a briefcase. It works on batteries, which are capable of lasting for two hours. Though it might be compact, it can still pack a big punch. 

First, it’s one of the few mini projectors that can produce an HD display, 1080p resolution to be exact, with support for HDR10. It also comes with keystone correction technology, which is typically reserved for more expensive projectors. It automatically adjusts to the angle that the projector is placed at, making it easier to get set-up.

The only trade-off is its capability to only produce 500 lumens. Although it performed fine in dark environments, but add a bit of ambient light to the mix, and you may struggle a little.

You’ll also be able to use Android TV, coming with 500 pre-programmed apps. This includes popular apps, like Netflix and Disney+.

Epson EF-100

Top 6 projectors - Epson EF-100i

Epson has become an internationally renowned company. Though not as small as some of the other projectors on this list, the Epson EF-100 is very powerful. And comes with a lot of advanced features. It is crowned as the world’s smallest 3LCD laser projector.

The main benefit of using a laser light source instead of a traditional lamp, aside from sweet, sweet bragging rights, is never having to replace the projector lamp. A cool feature is the included Android TV-powered streaming stick, sort of like a Roku or Fire TV Stick, which allows you to wirelessly stream any content you want and tucks away invisibly inside a cozy little compartment.

Due to laser technology, it can produce decently brighter images with one of the key benefits of LED, which is a long life. Image quality is easily high enough for the kind of casual viewing that the EF-100 is built for. Sharpness and level of detail were also sufficient for the resolution of the projector.

BenQ TK800M

Top 6 projectors - BenQ TK800M

The TK800M is advertised as a “sports” projector that sacrifices color accuracy for better brightness, but this does not mean that it cannot be used in a home theater or home theater. The key selling point of the BenQ TK800M is that it supports 4K, which ensures that it is able to deliver better image quality compared to the rest of the list. 

The other key feature is its support for High Dynamic Range, especially HDR10 and HLG support. Thanks to BenQ’s Auto HDR Color Rendition technology, the TK800M can produce HDR with greater brightness and contrast than the SDR. 

The latest home theater projectors are not as expensive as they used to be, so you don’t need a big budget to convert your living room into a movie theater. For casual gaming that can take up the wall of your living room (with enough distance to accommodate), the TK800M is a worthy option.


If you live in Singapore and are looking for a projector, you are spoiled for choice. The BenQ GS2 is rugged enough to take camping. The Lumos AURO can be perfect for a home entertainment projector. XGIMI H2, Xiaomi Mi, and Epson EF-100 are all excellent portable options as well. If you have a sufficient budget and willing to invest in a decent 4K home projector, then BenQ TK800M is your best bet.

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