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LUMOS ATOM: Home cinema 1080p portable projector

LUMOS made its debut with the AURO Projector, an affordable 1080p projector. However, bringing it to another place may be difficult because it is...

BenQ launches the GV11 smart portable LED mini projector to provide the cosy comfort cinema experience anywhere

BenQ, the award-winning No. 1 DLP projector brand, today launched the compact Smart Portable LED Mini projector, GV11, the latest addition to their full...

BenQ GV11: Mini portable all-in-one home projector

Projectors are no longer only AV devices placed on a desk or hung from the ceiling. Instead, they are now portable and may be...

BenQ X3000i: Everything you need for a gaming projector

Gaming monitors and 4K TVs are great and all, offering an easy way to get the latest features on a capable display, but they...

BenQ GV30: Portable projector with a clever design

BenQ's GV30 delivers a smooth picture up to 100 inches, along with battery operation and simplified set-up, including auto focus and keystone

BenQ TK700STi: 4K Gaming projector with lowest input lag

A solid choice for gamers looking for 4K experience with low input lag

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