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A retrospective look at TikTok’s key trends in SEA in 2023


As the final chapters of 2023 unfold, we find ourselves at a juncture teeming with retrospection. TikTok, the juggernaut, has once again proved its influence, especially in Southeast Asia's vibrant and diverse region. A mosaic of trends emerged throughout the year, echoing the nuances of a rapidly changing digital landscape and a society in flux.

This period offers an invaluable opportunity for you, a marketer poised at the nexus of culture and commerce. With the year's end in sight, it's the ideal moment to take stock of past endeavours, understanding what resonated and missed the mark. Whether revisiting the virality of a specific dance challenge or analysing the pull of a hashtag movement, 2023 has been a treasure trove of lessons.

Similarly, for the everyday user, the TikTok landscape has been a reflection of broader societal shifts. Whether in fashion, music, or activism, the platform has been a barometer for what captures the collective imagination. By looking back at these standout moments, users can gain a deeper appreciation for the forces that shaped their online experiences.

In the subsequent sections, we shall journey through this intricate tapestry, highlighting key trends, underscoring pivotal moments, and drawing insights to prepare for the future. Join us as we navigate the dynamic world of TikTok in Southeast Asia 2023 – a year of digital revelations.

Actionable entertainment beyond clicks and impressions

The digital landscape has been changing. The ephemeral satisfactions of hollow click baits are no longer sufficient to captivate an audience. In 2023, TikTok has illuminated this evolution, spotlighting authentic and impactful content. Users of this dynamic platform have showcased a preference for videos that don't just entertain but also uplift and echo their personal experiences.

A remarkable 92% of individuals spurred into an off-platform action due to a TikTok video reported experiencing a positive emotion linked to that decision. Additionally, 72% mentioned drawing upon reviews from trusted TikTok creators when diving into the motives behind such actions. This reliance on TikTok reviews surpassed any other platform, highlighting the platform's unparalleled credibility in influencing consumer choices.

Similarly, the rising popularity of hashtags like #storytime, with a year-on-year growth of 253% and a staggering 288 billion views from its inception to September 2022, points towards a user base eager to engage with genuine narratives. Another noteworthy trend is #learningisfun, advocating for educational and credible content. Such trends underline that users approach TikTok not merely for entertainment but to uncover truths and debunk myths. This quest for authenticity strengthens the bond between creators and their audiences. A fitting example could be a nutritionist offering credible dietary advice and nurturing a trusting relationship with their followers.

Brands are also recognising the power of authenticity. A glimpse into McLaren's strategy showcases how they disseminated intriguing facts about their Singapore Grand Prix race, cementing their engagement with users. Another case in point is how collaborated with everyday creators, tapping into their genuine rapport with the audience.

But it's not just about what creators say; it's also about the conversations they spark. For a marketer such as yourself, these trends offer clear directives. It's about elevating the narrative from mere product-centric promotions to stories that resonate and inspire trust. Moreover, fostering organic connections with platform influencers can metamorphose casual viewers into loyal customers. 

Rediscovering joy in a reshaped world

As the world begins to emerge from the throes of a global pandemic, society finds itself in a phase of metamorphosis. The shadows of uncertainty and fear that once loomed large gradually retreat, making way for brighter, more hopeful horizons. This transition into the post-pandemic era has instigated a deep-seated shift in our collective mindset.

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In the days gone by, the prevailing sentiment was heavily skewed towards relentless efficiency and productivity. Personal and professional aspirations were defined mainly by material accomplishments and tangible milestones. However, the sweeping challenges posed by the pandemic ushered in a period of introspection, prompting many to reevaluate their understanding of a meaningful life. The result? A noticeable drift away from the rat race of efficiency, replaced by a renewed thirst for moments that truly resonate and bring fulfilment.

With its vibrant content library, TikTok emerged as a beacon during these transformative times. Far from being just another digital distraction, it became a haven of joy and solidarity. In an era where news cycles were dominated by pandemic updates and isolation was the new norm, TikTok stood apart, offering an avenue of relief. Comedic sketches, infectious dance challenges, and touching stories of human tenacity – all these elements coalesced to make TikTok a hub of positive vibes.

A particularly standout trend has been the surge in spirited audio-centric content. Melodious tunes, motivational podcasts, and stories that echo the community's voice have become particularly prominent. These trends provided a much-needed breather for users and highlighted TikTok's prowess in bridging gaps across regions and cultures, cultivating a shared palette of joy and entertainment.

Brands noticed this shift. According to recent data, 50% of users mentioned that TikTok significantly uplifts their mood and infuses their day positively. Brands, always in tune with the pulse of society, recognised this and recalibrated their approach. Instead of traditional marketing strategies centred around product pushes, forward-thinking brands pivoted towards enhancing this ecosystem of happiness. Their campaigns transitioned from aggressive selling tactics to narratives celebrating joy, inclusivity, and genuine human connections.

One illustrative trend in this regard has been the rise of the hashtag #selfcare. Accumulating a staggering 34 billion lifetime views and witnessing a year-on-year growth of 650% with 180 million views between September 2021 and 2022, this hashtag exemplifies the world's renewed emphasis on well-being and personal fulfilment.

Consider, for instance, a beauty brand. Pre-pandemic, their primary approach might have been spotlighting their products using polished, aspirational visuals. Today, the same brand is more inclined to highlight real individuals, embracing and showcasing their imperfections and illustrating how their product seamlessly integrates into daily life – thereby forging a more heartfelt connection with the audience.

The transformative journey from pre- to post-pandemic has reshaped not only individual perspectives but also the strategies of global brands. By harmonising with platforms like TikTok that champion joy and community, brands have an unmatched opportunity to genuinely resonate with and uplift their audience in these changing times.

Communities at the heart of content

The notion of casting a wide net with generic content has gradually receded into the background. Instead, the year saw a resounding affirmation of a principle many had suspected: niche is the new norm. TikTok, a platform celebrated for its eclectic range of content, played a pivotal role in this transformation, underscoring the magnetic allure of micro-communities.

TikTok's rise to prominence was not merely due to its user-friendly interface or innovative algorithm. The true essence of its appeal stems from its intricate mix of tightly-knit communities. Whether they champion sustainability, geek out over the latest tech, or rally around a shared hobby, these micro-communities represent a unique blend of interests, values, and aspirations. Far from being digital cliques, they have evolved into robust ecosystems that foster profound connections, drive engagement, and cultivate a deep sense of belonging among their members.

From a marketer's vantage point, these developments brought forth a renewed set of challenges and opportunities in 2023. The era of one-size-fits-all strategies has ebbed. In its stead, there's a growing emphasis on the art of nuanced engagement. For brands, this means delving deeper into understanding these micro-communities, embracing their ethos, and tailoring content that speaks to and resonates with their core values.

This pivot towards community-centric engagement demands a more meticulous and empathetic approach. Brands can no longer remain aloof or rely on superficial tactics. Instead, successful marketing in this new era requires genuine participation in these communities, authentic collaborations with their influencers, and a commitment to creating value through informative content, meaningful partnerships, or support for community-driven initiatives.

Gleaning insights from the year's learnings

While the major trends set the tone, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Our retrospective offers an intricate look into the year's shifts, combining data-driven insights with illustrative brand case studies. Moreover, for those keen on staying ahead of the curve, we share actionable frameworks and tools to ensure your content remains fresh and relevant.

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's evident that TikTok in Southeast Asia has emerged as more than just a social media platform. It's a canvas of cultural movements, niche communities, and genuine storytelling. For marketers and users eager to ride the next wave, the lessons from this year serve as invaluable markers. Here's to embracing these learnings and setting the stage for an exciting 2024!

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