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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Delta Emulator is set to transform your iPad into a supersized Nintendo DS

Discover how the upcoming Delta emulator update will turn your iPad into a gaming powerhouse with new multiplayer and Sega Genesis features.

The Delta emulator, having recently launched on the App Store, has quickly climbed to the top of the free apps chart and continues to hold its position. Developer Riley Testut has announced that an iPad-specific version of the app is nearing completion and is set to be released with Delta version 1.6. Currently, this version is accessible to Testut's Patreon supporters via “the regular AltStore”—a platform different from the Apple-approved AltStore PAL.

While the iOS version of the Delta emulator already operates on iPads and the Vision Pro—where like Metroid Prime Hunters are playable—a dedicated iPad version would optimise the use of the device's large screen. One of the exciting features is a skin that transforms the iPad into something akin to a large Nintendo DS Lite. Furthermore, the upcoming version is slated to include support for iPad Split View, enhancing multitasking capabilities during gameplay.

Looking forward to multiplayer capabilities

Following the release of the iPadOS native version, Testut plans to introduce “device-to-device multiplayer” capabilities to Delta. Currently, multiplayer features are available but limited to single-device play, which is ideal for television screens via AirPlay, albeit with some latency issues. The proposed update would allow players to connect with others on separate devices, potentially even over the internet, which would significantly improve the gaming experience.

In further developments, Testut has indicated that Sega Genesis emulation is on the horizon, presently in its beta phase. However, this feature is likely to roll out after the iPad version is fully launched.

As the gaming community awaits the new updates, enthusiasts like myself are getting our creative fix with games like Kirby Canvas Curse, which already performs exceptionally with the Apple Pencil. With these enhancements on the way, the Delta emulator is poised to bring a more enriched and connected gaming experience to Apple's iPad.

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