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Demon Slayer: 10 Facts you didn’t know about the demons

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime series right now. It's filled with mystery, and the fact that it also has demons adds an entire new later of excitement and fun to it. That being said, there are no two demons alike, be it when it comes to powers or the way they […]

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular series right now. It's filled with mystery, and the fact that it also has demons adds an entire new later of excitement and fun to it. That being said, there are no two demons alike, be it when it comes to powers or the way they look. Here you have a list of all the things you want to know about demons in the Demon Slayer series.

They don't work with others

Demon Slayer facts - 5

One of the core ideas in Demon Slayer is that the demons are very territorial. They are not working with others, so you will mostly find them on their own. They have their own territory, which is quite interesting in its own right. That being said, the Spider Demon Family, which is one of the most tragic demon stories in the series, does stay together. Still, aside from them, you will notice most of the other demons are alone, so that's something you need to consider here. 

Muzan controls all the demons

Demon Slayer facts - 1

He is the original demon, the father of all demons, so to speak. He is the one that can read what they are thinking, but he can also know where and how to find all the demons. He is feared, and most demons stay away from him because he is ruthless, sadistic and might even kill many of the demons, to begin with.

Only two demons are not under the influence of Muzan

Demon Slayer facts - 4

Tamayo was his underling, and for some reason, he is not under Muzan's control. She is medically proficient, and she does have a vast range of amazing and unique resources. Then there's Nezuko, which managed to control all of her emotions as she tried to block out Muzan. It was not an easy task to do for her, but it's quite remarkable to see it all come together in such a wonderful manner.

Some of the powerful demons are developing Blood Demon Arts

As time goes by, the demons are becoming more powerful. They are basically mutating, and that means the physical appearance is changing. Not only that, but their demon powers are continuing to improve and evolve appropriately. They also get to learn the Blood Demon Arts. What makes the Demon Slayer unique is that every demon has its own powers. It just adds to the lore and the core ideas, and it manages to bring in a much more appealing and interesting perspective to the story.

Only two exceptions to the rule above

Both Tamayo and Nezuko are an exception to the rule. Nezuko is a half-human, so she has the power to retain her humanity. All she has to do is not to consume any human blood. That being said, the interesting thing here is that Tamayo is able to modify her body and her craving for blood. She doesn't need a lot of blood, and that means her physical transformation is not affected. Things like these help set the tone for a more exciting battle with demons.

Muzan's blood can remove demonic properties

Demon Slayer facts - 3

That's right; the truth is that Muzan's blood is able to kill any demonic properties. Since he is the first of his kind, he has some very powerful capabilities. That means his blood gets very toxic, especially in a high quantity. However, in a smaller dosage, it can help boost the power of a demon. There are times when he will knowingly offer more blood to demons, and that alone will end up being a major challenge; the demons lose their powers and often die.

The first demon in the world

As we mentioned earlier, Muzan was the first demon, but he is not something natural. If we visit the manga, then we see that there was a doctor who took care of him when he was a human and ill. She tried to use alternative medication on him, and eventually, he became very frustrated for not getting any results from her. That's when he killed the doctor, and that was the beginning of him as a demon. It's not the story you expect, but it does explain his origins.

Demon creation is a scientific process

The alternative medication used to mutate Muzan's body was named Blue Spider Lily. It has mutagenic properties, and it encourages mutations to appear at a cellular level. So yes, even Muzan was a human at one point, but things went wrong really fast due to this experimental drug. However, if the change takes place way too fast and sudden, then the body might not survive this. When that happens, the subject dies.

Demons can't handle the Wisteria flower

Demon Slayer facts - 2

In the Demon Slayer universe, this flower is known for having massive properties, and it can be a toxin for lower-ranking demons. It's able to keep demons away; that's why slayers are using it as a repellent. This is also the reason why the Demon Slayer Corps base has these flowers surrounding the entire building.

Muzan actually regretted killing the doctor

We see this in the last manga chapters when Muzan is dying. He actually regrets the action of killing his doctor. If he were more patient, the doctor would have been able to cure him. He is known for being cold-blooded, so this is the only rational statement made within the entire manga.


There're a lot of mysteries about demons in the entire Demon Slayer series. That's what makes it so interesting because you get to learn a lot about the world. It's fascinating and expansive. That alone makes it stand out from the crowd while bringing in plenty of and pushing the experience to new heights. We recommend you to read the manga as well since it's full of information that the series takes for granted. One thing is certain, Demon Slayer is one hell of a show, and it continues to impress with its unique approach and immersive ideas!

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