Blood of Zeus Ending explained

Blood of Zeus: Ending explained

Getting an anime series related to ancient Greece might seem like a gamble, but Netflix managed to make Blood of Zeus very interesting and a lot of fun. Plus, the addition of Shakespearean melodrama and great fighting managed to push this to the next level and make it a whole lot of fun, not to mention very intensely. The storytelling is up to par with the extraordinary animation quality, and it’s easy to see why we have talks about season two. But there are some apparent questions people have regarding this season and what we will see, what will be improved, and so on.

Is the battle between Giants and Gods ending?

The show has explained that demons were created due to the relationship between Giants and Gods. The battle is also at the focus of Blood of Zeus and its conclusion. A cauldron can steal energy from the Giants and then use that to make them slaves. That being said, Hera wants to control the Giants and even have an alliance with them so she can kill Zeus. On the other hand, Zeus is allied with Poseidon, and Heron needs to get the cauldron and end the entire war. Heron does get to handle this situation and puts an end to the war, at least for the time being. It’s an unexpected and rather unique situation, but one that does push the boundaries and shows just how much of a challenge it was to handle the battle between Gods.

Is Seraphim alive?

Blood of Zeus - 2

We noticed that Seraphim was at the breaking point during the finale, and he tries to persuade Heron. He is talking of how they can both rule, but Heron kills him, or at least it feels like that. We do see Seraphim as a spirit in Hades, where he is trapped for the time being. That does set up a potential return in the second season, so the potential is there, and it’s fascinating. We can expect the arrangement for Seraphim to come back under certain conditions. Since he learns that he and Heron are actually half brothers, we can expect their relationship to evolve, and we will see a lot more stuff about these two very soon.

Hera and Zeus

There’s always animosity between the two, and obviously, Blood of Zeus captures that they try to kill each other with the finale. While they are talking about the glory days, she can still not forgive Zeus for the things that he did. She is an antagonist for the season, and we don’t really know her fate at this time, even if Zeus was sacrificing to save her. Right now, we believe that she is dead, but no one knows. Obviously, there’s a lot of room to explore what happened to her, if she is alive, and how she will come back to enact revenge upon Zeus. We do expect her to be alive, but there’s no real indication that she would be, unlike Seraphim, where we do see him as a spirit.

Who is now the King of Mount Olympus?

Blood of Zeus - 1

Many people were vying for the crown, and obviously, many of them were not able to do the things they wanted. As we know, the Blood of Zeus season ends with the rest of the Gods and Heron in a peaceful place. Since Zeus has died, it’s still unclear who is ruling the Mountain at this time. There are still many things to uncover, and there are also many challenges that can appear. One thing is sure, there is still a vast range of challenges coming, and the experience itself manages to stand out of the crowd. It’s a great opportunity and one that you do not want to miss when it comes to finding who will take the crown in the end. Apollo believes he is more suitable to be a hero than Heron, so we are bound to see a lot of interesting situations and people constantly vying for power, figuring out what they can do better. 

What can we expect from the next season?

There’s no denying that Blood of Zeus season 2 is striving to bring in a variety of unique ideas into the mix. We expect to see Hera come back somehow, although it can be hard to figure out how that will happen. Also, Heron’s life has changed quite a bit, and he will need to continue improving his demigod abilities. After all, he is considered to be a replacement for Zeus. We don’t know if the actions he had with the cauldron will bring the end of the Giants or if this will threaten the Gods.

Also, we are left with a tease that Hades and Seraphim are connected, and they have a pretty interesting relationship. Even if Seraphim seems to be at the losing end of this relationship, he is always known for turning things around, so there will be some exciting twists and turns to this. We can expect him to take Hades’s place while Hades goes and tries to complete other things. The truth is that there is a lot of stuff left as a tease for the new season, so it’s stimulating and exciting to see how all these things add up.


Even though Blood of Zeus doesn’t have a second season confirmed, the show has become quite the cult hit. The animation style and the intricate storyline has gotten people hooked on this show for a perfect reason. It’s creative, a lot of fun, and it constantly pushes the boundaries with amazing ideas that everyone will enjoy. You should consider giving Blood of Zeus a try and see it for yourself, and in the meantime, those of us that already saw it can continue theorizing about it!

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