In brief: Microsoft Excel allows you to import Excel data by taking a picture of a spreadsheet

by Vincent Wee

Microsoft recently launched a series of major updates to its products, including a particularly handy new feature for Excel. Using the app on Android, Excel users will be able to take a photo of a printed data table and convert into a digital, editable spreadsheet. This new feature is rolling out initially on Android, before making its way to iOS. It also means that Excel users no longer have to manually input hardcopy data into their computers.

  • Microsoft is using artificial intelligence (AI) to implement this feature, with image recognition.
  • The feature “Insert Data from Picture,” can perform the conversion from analog to digital with a single tap.
  • Microsoft has first floated the idea for this tool last year before being made widely available in its recent update to the Android app.
  • This new feature is ideal for businesses, researchers, and students.
  • It will be available to Microsoft 365 users.

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