LG HVAC virtual experience showcases company's latest solutions

LG HVAC virtual experience showcases company’s latest solutions

Utilizing the latest technology, virtual showroom lets visitors get to know LG’s wide range of residential and commercial HVAC solutions

LG Electronics (LG) has launched the LG HVAC Virtual Experience, a new, interactive online showroom that gives visitors the opportunity to browse and learn all about its extensive portfolio of first-class heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) solutions, anywhere, anytime. Helping customers to make better decisions for their families or valued employees, the intuitive, online space makes it possible to view the company’s latest solutions in a variety of virtual environments and discover their many benefits, such as greater comfort, improved indoor air quality and seamless control.

Upon entering the LG HVAC Virtual Experience, visitors can choose from several business and living space categories: Residential Apartment, Residential Villa, Office General, Office High-Rise, Retail and Hotel. Visitors can then freely explore their selected 3D environment using a mouse or touchscreen device, clicking on straightforward menus as they go to reach additional information like specifications, features, product videos and case studies for each model. Simple to use and easy to navigate, LG’s new virtual platform is a great tool for consumers, industry professionals and partners looking to create healthier and more comfortable indoor spaces.

What’s more, the virtual showroom allows visitors to see the behind-the-scenes details and technologies. By pressing the on-screen Airflow and Piping buttons, visitors can uncover how air travels in an air conditioner or air purifier and how pipes direct water and refrigerant through a system. They can even virtually switch operational modes and observe how airflow changes from one air conditioner to another. Beyond the technology and science, the showroom is a great place to check out all the products’ stylish designs to see how they match various virtual interiors.

LG HVAC Virtual Experience is an engaging online resource that can give visitors a thorough understanding of the company’s latest, optimized HVAC solutions for different kinds of spaces, helping them figure out which products are best suited to their specific needs. The showroom also demonstrates LG’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable future, highlighting innovative LG technologies, such as the energy-efficient R1 Compressor, and the company’s early adoption of the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.

Discover the company’s latest indoor environmental comfort technologies can visit LG Virtual HVAC Experience on a PC or smartphone.

“The LG Virtual HVAC Experience delivers greater accessibility for anyone to experience our latest solutions, whenever and wherever you are. The platform also offers a compelling and informative way to engage users and establish a lasting impression,” said Justin Seong, Product Director of LG Electronics (Singapore) Air Solutions. “We will continue to work tirelessly to create HVAC products that not only make homes and businesses more comfortable, but are better for users, the environment, and the future of our planet.”

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