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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Lumen Technologies expands cybersecurity services in Asia Pacific

Lumen Technologies expands its Advanced MDR services in Asia Pacific, enhancing cybersecurity with proactive threat detection and advanced analytics.

Lumen Technologies Asia Pacific has broadened its cybersecurity service offerings with the latest expansion of its Advanced Managed Detection and Response (Advanced MDR) services. Announced on May 14, 2024, this development aims to shift the focus from traditional threat detection to a more comprehensive approach that includes proactive threat hunting and advanced analytics.

Proactive cybersecurity to protect businesses and communities

The new features of Lumen's Advanced MDR include extending threat detection across various platforms, such as Cloud Native Applications, IoT and OT devices, and incorporating user and entity behaviour analytics. These services are supported by Lumen's round-the-clock Security Operations Centres (SOCs), which play a crucial role in providing complete visibility and continuous vulnerability management across the attack surface.

The implementation of next-generation threat modelling and detection engineering, which is based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, aims to enhance the effectiveness of threat detection. Additionally, Lumen's services are designed to combat the rise of AI-powered cyberattacks through their Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence. The integration of AI analytics with human expertise forms a robust Human-in-the-Loop defence strategy.

Addressing the shortage of skilled professionals and rising data breaches

Lumen's updated offerings also aim to address the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the increase in data breaches, particularly those exacerbated by expanded third-party digital ecosystems. With these challenges in mind, cybersecurity should not only react when breaches occur but also provide enterprises with the tools to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from potential threats through proactive measures.

The demand for such comprehensive cybersecurity solutions is evident across various sectors, especially those that have been heavily impacted by security breaches. Lumen's service customisability is particularly vital for enterprises needing the flexibility to scale their security measures in response to changing business needs and growth.

Wai Kit Cheah, Senior Director of Product & Practices at Lumen Technologies APAC, emphasised the critical nature of these advancements. “A comprehensive and Advanced MDR is now more critical than ever especially with the rise of sophisticated TTPs, exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities and increased social engineering attacks including increasingly AI or deep fake use cases,” Cheah said.

As part of their ongoing commitment to enhancing cybersecurity, Lumen is also offering a security discovery session to help enterprises assess their vulnerabilities, identify potential threats, and devise strategies to navigate the evolving threat landscape. This proactive approach not only secures businesses but also fosters trust among customers and partners, ultimately contributing to business growth and market .

Christian Fam, Regional Research Manager at IDC /Pacific, highlighted the significance of Lumen's Advanced MDR. “The added value proposition of Lumen's Advanced MDR not only underscores its commitment to enhancing enterprises' security posture with a refreshed take on cybersecurity, but also providing them with the capabilities to scale alongside their evolving cybersecurity needs and business growth,” Fam remarked.

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