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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Merging pixels and beats: Exploring APAC’s next-gen gaming entertainment blueprint

In this digital age, where attention spans are dwindling, and platforms are vying for eyeballs, Asia Pacific has emerged as the thriving heart of gaming, with 1.5 billion gamers tuning in. Clocking in at an impressive US$70 billion gaming market, APAC offers a tantalising pot of gold for those looking to dominate this vibrant market. On […]



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In this digital age, where attention spans are dwindling, and platforms are vying for eyeballs, Asia Pacific has emerged as the thriving heart of gaming, with 1.5 billion gamers tuning in. Clocking in at an impressive US$70 billion gaming market, APAC offers a tantalising pot of gold for those looking to dominate this vibrant market. On the other side of the spectrum, TikTok, a platform that once epitomised fleeting moments, has become a monumental force in the gaming industry. The marriage of gaming and TikTok offers a fascinating tapestry of opportunity, innovation, and connection.

TikTok's success lies in its ability to seamlessly weave in actionable entertainment, create joyful spaces, and establish communities driven by shared ideals. This confluence makes it an ideal platform for gamers to connect, collaborate, and consume. Let's delve deeper into how APAC is harnessing the power of TikTok and redefining the future of gaming.

The art of riding TikTok's wave to maximise brand impact 

More than merely having a presence on TikTok is needed for the savvy brand marketer. The magic lies in decoding and integrating the platform's pulse with the brand's core narrative. When 41% of users are driven by joy to make their purchasing decisions, it paints a clear picture: joy isn't just an emotion; it's a potent marketing strategy on TikTok. Brands can harness the platform's power by moulding content that marries relatability and entertainment. This brings us to the TikTok Creator Marketplace, a powerful tool where brands and creators unite, weaving narratives infused with spontaneity and authenticity.

Furthermore, the message is clear, with 77% of the global user base yearning for brands to be trailblazers, setting the pace with fresh challenges, trends, and memes. Brands must don the hats of innovators and trendsetters. The platform offers a vibrant playground for businesses to design and deploy compelling gaming content, striking a chord with their audience and creating lasting impressions.

Mastering storytelling in the vast gaming universe 

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Storytelling isn't just an ; it's a brand tool, especially in gaming. TikTok can be one of the go-to platforms for brands to unfurl their tales, resonating with audiences and creating memorable touchpoints. VNG Corporation, a leading name in Vietnam's mobile game publishing arena, showcases the sheer potential of TikTok in this regard. Before launching their MMORPG Revelation, VNG didn't merely promote it. They spun a narrative around it using TikTok, driving awareness and generating an organic buzz. Combined with the platform's innate storytelling prowess, this calculated approach reaped remarkable rewards, particularly in Southeast Asia. The results were there for everyone to see: soaring install volumes and cost metrics that exceeded all expectations.

More than just tickling the funny bone on TikTok

TikTok is a universe where spontaneity and humour reign supreme. For the gaming community, this blend of wit and whimsy can be the perfect bridge, connecting developers with their audience on an intimate level. Here's a fact that drives this point home: users on TikTok are 1.4 times more inclined to part with their money if a dash of humour accompanies a sponsored video. This simple insight underpins a profound truth about the symbiotic relationship between joy and purchasing decisions in gaming. Gaming brands can strike a genuine chord with their audiences by seamlessly weaving humour into their narratives, fostering relationships built on laughs and loyalty.

Last year, gaming saw one of its most prolific cultural celebrations on TikTok, establishing itself as more than just a leisure activity but a global sensation. In 2022, the platform achieved over 3 trillion video views for gaming content, proving that it was not just an app for short videos but a thriving metropolis for gamers globally. Whether enthusiasts were showcasing intricate gameplay, imparting tutorial wisdom, flaunting their cosplay craftsmanship, or indulging in meme , TikTok became the nexus where gaming met pure entertainment.

June 2022 was a particularly riveting month for the gaming community on TikTok. The platform rolled out its 30 Days of #GamingonTikTok initiative, inviting gamers from every corner to join in a month of festivities, celebrating all that is unique and vibrant about the world of gaming. The platform was abuzz with activity, from riveting LIVE events showcasing major gaming tournaments to introducing dynamic CapCut templates for budding content creators. By integrating or even casually browsing the hashtag #GamingonTikTok, users were plunged into a whirlwind of gaming euphoria, adding to the ever-expansive content milieu.

Moreover, in alignment with Pride Month, TikTok took a meaningful step in honouring the spirited #Gayming community, paying homage to the LGBTQIA+ gamers who have added layers of diversity to the platform. The alliance with Gaming Mag was a testament to TikTok's dedication to celebrating all voices, ensuring a harmonious blend of fun and inclusivity. Reflecting on the initiative, Carla Harris, then the Program Manager of Global Gaming Content at TikTok, captured its spirit by expressing how the event aimed to “transport the elation and thrill of the gaming realm directly to the TikTok community.” As we reminisce about that vibrant month, one thing is sure – the 30 Days of #GamingonTikTok was nothing short of iconic, setting a benchmark for future celebrations.

Adaptability and understanding trends are the cornerstones of a successful brand strategy in the fast-paced gaming world. Players constantly seek innovative experiences, and platforms like TikTok have become the new epicentre for such transformations. With its ever-changing tapestry of content and trends, TikTok grants gamers an immersive platform where they can both consume and shape their gaming narratives in unprecedented ways. This symbiotic relationship between platform and player has redefined the paradigms of gaming engagement.

Businesses aiming to tap into this fervent market must be more than just bystanders. TikTok's tools, from its captivating in-feed ads to the panoramic expanse of top-view impacts, are gateways for brands to participate in these shifts actively. Just being present isn't enough; there's a pressing need for businesses to grasp the evolving beat of the community, adjusting their sails to catch the prevailing winds of trend. In doing so, they not only ride the current but also set their course towards a sustained triumph in the ever-lucrative APAC gaming market.

Embarking on TikTok's vibrant trend journey 

The digital marketing arena is akin to a chameleon, ever-changing and elusive. Maintaining relevance within this sphere is no small feat, especially when platforms like TikTok redefine the pace of trend evolution daily. While some view the rapidity of these shifts as daunting, this dynamism breeds opportunities. A shining testament to this is the #Gamer community on TikTok, which has garnered an astonishing 169.6 billion views. Such staggering numbers aren't just statistics; they're a clarion call to marketers about the potential that lies within.

Merging pixels and beats Exploring APAC's next-gen gaming entertainment blueprint - 2

To harness this vast potential, brands need to dive beneath the surface. Employing tools such as the TikTok Creator Marketplace and TikTok Creative Center allows them to engage with the community's core, understanding their desires and crafting resonating strategies. Authentic engagement isn't about loudness but relevance. By aligning themselves with the ever-changing beats of TikTok's trends, brands don't just survive; they thrive, creating ripples of success reverberating through the digital expanse.

Championing the digital race in TikTok's epoch 

A revolution has reshaped gaming contours, especially in the vibrant tapestry of the APAC region. As the platform's trends flourish and communities expand, a new paradigm emerges for brands that demand agility, ceaseless innovation, and an unwavering commitment to their audience.

The union of gaming and TikTok in the APAC realm isn't a mere coexistence. It symbolises the dawn of actionable entertainment, where the lines between play, emotion, and narrative blur. Players aren't just looking for a game; they seek an odyssey, a tale they can partake in and emotions they can resonate with. The future, as painted by the confluence of brands, creators, and users on TikTok, gleams with promise. Every frame, every byte, and every interaction on the platform beckons infinite opportunities. And as stakeholders navigate the intricate mazes of TikTok and gaming, one mantra resounds – the quintessence of success dwells in genuine connection, relentless innovation, and the celebration of joy.

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Hugo Hsu
Hugo Hsu
Hugo is a senior editor at Tech Edition, based in Taiwan. He is an experienced gaming journalist and editor. He has spent more than two decades playing games, venturing across multiple consoles and genres. He currently enjoys Valorant and League of Legends.

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