Singapore-based medtech startup secures seed round

Singapore-based medtech startup secures seed round

Medtech startup, See-Mode Technologies, received US$1M seed financing in a round led by Cocoon Capital, with participation from SGInnovate and Australia-based Blackbird Ventures.

See-Mode is a medical imaging startup that provides stroke prediction and treatment planning by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision and computational modeling.

Founded in 2017 by both Dr. Milad Mohammadzadeh and Dr. Sadaf Monajemi, with biomedical engineering PhDs, the startup is developing a suite of medical solutions based on the team’s proprietary mix of knowledge and technology.

The startup is currently pilot testing its medical software suite in Singapore and plans to leverage the funding to build a team of experts comprising of scientists and engineers to collect clinical evidence to support the accuracy of their solution and to obtain regulatory approvals needed for a commercial rollout.

See-Mode believes their technology can help medical professionals save time by objectively interpreting ultrasound images, and assessing blood flow patterns in patients based on routine CT scans or MRIs. From this, doctors can detect vulnerable plaques, setting the precedence for creating better stroke screening and treatment planning which currently is inaccessible in clinical practice.

Late last year, Cocoon Capital also launched a US$20M fund to invest in early-stage startups in Southeast Asia, engaged in deep-tech, fintech, and medtech sectors.

See-Mode is a good example of how AI can drive the next-generation healthcare, leading to a drastic increase in life expectancy alongside with significantly reduced treatment costs.

In Singapore, See-Mode also established several clinical collaborations such as National University Hospital, Changi General Hospital, and the National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore. The company is also starting a multi-center clinical study with hospitals in Australia and the United States.

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