Sunday, December 3, 2023


Common throw ratio mistakes in home theatres and how to sidestep them

Setting up a home theatre is much like meticulously crafting an art piece. Every detail and component seamlessly comes together to form a harmonious...

Laptop light, pocket-sized: BenQ launches LaptopBar with enhanced eye-comfort

Explore the innovative BenQ LaptopBar, a pocket-sized, lightweight laptop lighting solution offering auto-dimming, dual forms, and magnetic attachment, blending portability with eye comfort.

BenQ unveils new X series gaming projectors in Singapore

BenQ's new X series gaming projectors, the X3100i and X300G, promise an immersive gaming experience with low input lag and enhanced audiovisual features.

BenQ W4000i Home Theatre Projector: Unveiling cinematic brilliance in your living space

Experience vibrant, lifelike visuals with the BenQ W4000i 4K projector. Its HDR-PRO tech and 1.3x zoom ensure a stellar performance in any light setting.

BenQ ScreenBar Halo: A luminary leap in workspace lighting

Step into a world where technology and design collide to produce an enlightened workspace experience. Allow us to introduce you to the BenQ ScreenBar Halo,...

BenQ GV31 Portable Projector: Elevate your entertainment on-the-go with full 1080p HD and unlimited options

BenQ has always been a pioneer in shaping the future of portable projectors, and its latest model, the BenQ GV31, further cements their position...

BenQ MOBIUZ EX270QM: 27-inch QHD gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate for responsive gameplay

When it comes to gaming, the importance of having a high-quality monitor cannot be overstated. In order to achieve a truly immersive and responsive...

BenQ MOBIUZ EX480UZ: Immersive 48-inch OLED gaming monitor with HDRi and eye-care tech

The gaming industry has seen an increasing trend in the size of monitors, and for a good reason. The size of gaming monitors largely...