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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Machine Learning

Slack is under scrutiny for using user data to train AI without clear consent

Slack faces backlash for training AI models with user data without explicit consent, highlighting privacy concerns and the complexity of opting out.

Elastic revolutionises SIEM with AI-driven analytics

Elastic revolutionises SIEM with its new AI-driven security analytics, enabling SOCs to prioritise attacks efficiently and enhance their operational response.

Hugging Face embarks on a groundbreaking journey into robotics

Explore Hugging Face's ambitious venture into robotics led by ex-Tesla scientist Remi Cadene, embracing open-source values.

Navigating the ethical landscape of AI in marketing

From efficiently analysing customer data to creating personalised ad campaigns, AI has changed the marketing landscape. Learn how AI in marketing can be used fairly and respectfully, while creating engaging experiences for customers.

Shenzhen hosts prestigious AI competition

Shenzhen's AI competition highlights top AI startups, with Konvery Data winning the top prize amid growing support for AI technology in the city.

Singapore to significantly expand its AI workforce

Singapore aims to triple its AI talent to 15,000, focusing on education, reskilling, and infrastructure, reinforcing its position as a leading AI hub in the region.

No-code AI and the bridge to business technology

Discover the role of No-code AI platforms in bridging business and technology gaps, empowering non-technical teams, and fostering innovation.

Why your employees could be your biggest cybersecurity risk

Navigate the complexities of internal cybersecurity risks by addressing the human factor. From employee training to tackling insider threats and BYOD risks, this comprehensive guide provides actionable insights for safeguarding your organisation.