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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Why does Apple Intelligence only run on the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple Intelligence, Apple's new AI suite, requires the iPhone 15 Pro or devices with M1 chips due to high computational demands for optimal performance.



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Apple recently unveiled its new personal AI features, branded as Apple Intelligence, at WWDC 2024. These innovative tools are set to enhance iPhones, Macs, and later this year. However, not all Apple devices will be able to run these features. According to Apple, you will need an iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, or an iPad or with at least an M1 chip. This has left many users wondering why the requirement is so specific.

Why Apple Intelligence needs powerful hardware

During The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2024, hosted by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Apple's AI chief, John Giannandrea, was asked about the reasoning behind this requirement. Giannandrea explained that running these AI models, known as inference, is highly demanding on computational resources. “The inference of large language models is incredibly computationally expensive,” he said.

He added that the necessary combination of bandwidth, the size of the Apple Neural Engine, and processing power is crucial to making these models run effectively. “In theory, you could run these models on an older device, but it would be so slow that it wouldn't be useful,” Giannandrea noted.

When Gruber jokingly asked if this requirement was a tactic to sell new iPhones, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Greg Joswiak, responded, “No, not at all. Otherwise, we would have included only our most recent iPads and Macs.”

The power behind the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are powered by Apple's latest A17 Pro chip, which features a significantly faster neural engine. This new neural engine can perform up to 35 trillion operations per second, double the 17 trillion operations per second capability of the A16 Bionic chip. This immense processing power is crucial because only the latest devices can support Apple Intelligence.

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, also highlighted the critical role of memory. Devices compatible with Apple Intelligence have at least 8GB of RAM, ensuring they can handle the demanding AI processes.

What Apple Intelligence brings to your device

Apple Intelligence promises to introduce several new features, including system-wide writing tools, personal context awareness, and enhanced onscreen awareness. However, it is essential to note that not all features will be available immediately upon launch.

These tools are designed to make your device more intelligent and intuitive, but they require the advanced hardware of the latest Apple devices to function optimally. While this may be disappointing for users with older models, it ensures that the new AI features will work smoothly and efficiently on supported devices.

In summary, Apple Intelligence is a significant step forward in personal AI technology, but its high computational demands mean it is only compatible with the latest devices. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, with their powerful A17 Pro chips and advanced neural engines, provide the necessary power and speed to run these features effectively. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of what its devices can do, the requirement for cutting-edge hardware ensures users get the best possible experience.

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