X-mini Liberty Xoundpods: Affordable true wireless audio experience

X-mini Liberty - Cover

Singapore-based audio manufacturer, X-mini, known for making speakers and made famous by its award-winning portable speakers, X-mini back in 2007, is making a comeback with its expansion into Bluetooth earphones and soundbars. The company has launched true wireless earbuds, called the X-Mini Liberty.

As the majority of wireless earpod users are active individuals who move around or exercise a lot, the Liberty comes equipped with the tech to withstand all sorts of environments. It is splash-resistant and can work independently or as a pair. Each earpod comes equipped with its own microphone so you can answer calls using either earpod. It also automatically connects to your previously-paired device via Bluetooth when removed from its charging case.

Smart design with decent build quality

A sleek, comfortable design and tons of great functionality meet a very low price in X-mini Liberty, making them a current go-to when friends and family members ask what to buy.

X-mini Liberty - Earbud

The X-mini Liberty is designed to make playing music and taking calls completely effortless and cable-free. The build quality of the Liberty is pretty decent, and they are made from plastic, with a black design while having a bronze accent rounding the earbuds. 

It features an IPX4 waterproof rating, which means it can handle water splashes from any direction. At the same time, it has SinglePod and DualPod modes. The left and the right earbuds automatically connect to and disconnect from each other from your device, when you remove or return them to their charging case. Also, each earbud contains an independent microphone, enabling you to answer calls on both earbuds, or one earbud only.

X-mini Liberty - Dock 2

The charging dock is also sturdy, with a satisfying pull and push mechanic. You slide the case open using the silicon strap to reveal the earbuds, and there are blue lights to indicator the battery level. There is also a magnetic snap when you place the earbuds back into the charging dock, which gives it a stable connection for charging.

X-mini Liberty - Case

Crisp clear sound for the best-in-class sound experience

For a pair of true wireless earbuds, the sound quality offered by the X-mini Liberty is sensational. In fact, it can rival some of the best over-ear headphones, which is all but unheard of for buds of this size. It is equipped with a 6mm dynamic driver with a revolutionary graphene coating that delivers superior and exceptional crisp, clear sound. It delivers an excellent bass response that helps emphasize the lows without punishing the highs. On balance-mixed reference tracks, it is able to elevate the bass lines for a more satisfying listen. It certainly outperforms most of the wireless earbuds in its class, in all respects, apart from the lack of noise-canceling and transparency mode.

Good battery life for users on the go

And as a sturdy set of wireless earpods, you get an awesome 3.5 hours of playtime between trips to the included charging case, with approximately four full charges in the case, meaning that you’ll get up to 14 hours of playback before you need to hunt for the micro USB cable. Although this is not the longest we have seen among the likes of Sony WF-1000XM3 (32 hours), Apple AirPods Pro (24 hours), and Klipsch T5 True Wireless (24 hours), it is still decent at the low price point. 

X-mini Liberty - Dock 1

The verdict on the X-mini Liberty

At its low price point, the X-mini Liberty is still packed with features that are commonly found on other audio products with a much higher price tag. Other than listening to music and taking calls through the two microphones embedded into the earbuds, they can also be paired independently to another device.

Although the battery life is mediocre, it is just enough for daily use. The smart design of the charging case allows the ease of use and provides the extra juice on the go. These earbuds are incredibly comfortable to wear, even for long periods – and feel secure enough to run with. They also come with an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which means they should be able to withstand a little sweat if you do want to use them for working out.

If you’re shopping for a pair of true wireless headphones, the X-mini Liberty at S$69.90 at X-mini Lazmall Flagship Store should be at the very top of your list. 

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