In brief: Artist illustrates the power of imagination

Artist illustrates the power of imagination

Super Shadows” is a collection by artist Jason Ratliff that illustrates the power of imagination. Following the bestselling series “Walking Shadows,” which received a fair amount of attention and seemed to connect with people on a very personal level. This new collection is a continuation of how that first piece left off.

The one particular piece was titled “Hero,” which depicted a young boy with the shadow of a superhero. The image isn’t necessarily about the superhero, but it’s about a child’s imagination and potential. It’s about how a kid can be anything they want to be.

Based out of Indianapolis, Jason continues to create whimsical artworks, empowering both children and adults alike.

Artist illustrates the power of imagination jasonratliff_17 jasonratliff_20 jasonratliff1 jasonratliff4 jasonratliff3 jasonratliff_14 jasonratliff10 jasonratliff9 jasonratliff8 kidofsteel2 jasonratliff6 jasonratliff5 jasonratliff_18 jaosnratliff_21 jasonratliff_26
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