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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Meta boosts generative AI features across platforms for greater impact

Meta is expanding its use of generative AI across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, to play a more significant role in these markets.

As more generative AI features are added to apps, you might be wondering about the practical applications of AI in a social context.

While AI tools can create unreal images and scenes, their value in enabling users to generate entire posts in-stream, not created by a human, is uncertain and may contradict the essence of “social” media.

We're still waiting for generative AI forms that enhance the core use of social apps, rather than diluting authenticity, which remains crucial for social interaction. Despite many using generative AI to create posts, portraying themselves differently, further enabling this might be a misstep for social apps.

Meta's integration of generative AI

Meta is looking to integrate generative AI across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, expanding its test of the AI assistant tool to users in India and parts of Africa. aims to become a leading AI player in these markets.

Initially launched in the U.S. last September and then to Ray Ban Stories users, Meta's AI assistant, powered by Llama LLM, offers basic AI assistance, responding to conversational queries and generating images in-stream. However, its adoption may be challenging compared to ChatGPT's popularity in Western markets.

In India, WhatsApp has over 500 million users, and Instagram boasts 360 million users. Meta's expanded local market presence may boost its chatbot tools' popularity, establishing itself as an AI leader in the region. 

In Africa, where ChatGPT is less available, Meta could seize the opportunity to lead in AI chatbots.

Yet, Meta's past attempts with Messenger bots in 2016 failed to resonate with users. While current AI chatbots are more advanced, their significant, valuable functionality in these apps remains unclear.

Exploring Other Uses of Generative AI

Meta is also testing an AI chatbot in search to help find content related to any topic, which is less flashy but more aligned with systematic processes. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri suggests using generative AI for practical tasks like negotiating deals or writing contracts.

Meta's exploration of generative AI for search and other utilities is ongoing. However, the concern remains about AI bots posting overwhelming actual human interaction, making platforms less engaging overall.

Social platforms need to be cautious with AI tools' implementation to avoid diminishing their offerings and prioritising authentic human interaction.

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