Multiplayer Turn-Based Old School RPG Chromatic Souls is the New Kid on the Block!

by Vincent Wee

GAMEVIL has just launched Chromatic Souls, a turn-based RPG that exceeds gamers’ expectations with challenging single-player adventures and exciting multiplayer raids, topped with a captivating storyline and dynamic visual effects.

While 2015 has been a year of an overwhelming number of phenomenal console and PC experiences, it has also seen its share of strong mobile gaming titles, namely Dragon Blaze, Seven Knights, Zenonia S and now Chromatic Souls, joining the arsenal of must-play game titles. For those that like RPG titles but prefer something that is slightly more classic, and turn-based strategy gaming, Chromatic Souls, should be the game for this type of experience.

Developed in-house at GAMEVIL, the gameplay focuses on a turn-based combat system which consists of a squad, totaling up to four different members. Players start by creating a team of brave heroes made up of members from one of the following four primary roles: Attacker, Tanker, Supporter, or Mage. Each class of hero has both a unique active and passive skills, which players must leverage to form their team to win battles and clear quests. In addition to the character’s skills, players must also deploy sound strategies to each action or attack in order to succeed in the game.

Chromatic Souls - Turn-Based
Chromatic Souls - Strategy

The story pretty much appeals to both fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons lovers, as it takes place in a mystical realm filled with wizardry and numerous fantasy creatures. Set a decade after the demise of the Chromatic Dragon, a ferocious beast that brought great destruction to Maldrago. Chromatic Souls tells a story of the protagonist who tries to defeat Dragons to save this world.

In the game’s single-player mode, players function as a strategist, giving battle orders, fighting hordes of malicious creatures. As the squad journey across Maldrago and discovers the cause of the rising unrest, characters can level up their skills and enhance their weapons and armors. A multitude of skills can be developed from the game itself, and additional characters can be purchased allowing players more freedom to customize their party significantly.

Chromatic Souls - Skills

In addition to individual battle stages, the game also includes over 100 different dungeons for exploration, ranging in difficulty and variety of drops. When players are not exploring a dungeon, they can alternatively send their characters on expeditions to acquire Experience, Gold, and Equipment. The game also features real-time boss raids where players can link up with friends for even better rewards. The game’s multiplayer functionality reckons up yet another layer of difficulty as players have to deploy a more collaborative strategy and use their teams effectively to achieve victory in this classic turn-based RPG.

Chromatic Souls - Raids


Chromatic SoulsOfficial Gameplay Trailer

Chromatic Souls Key Features

Turn-based RPG – Classic turn-based RPG with a need for collaborative strategies.

Multiple Customization Opportunities – Train your heroes with over 80 different skills and customize your team with equipment and enhancements.

Vibrant Visual Effects – Impressive graphics and in high quality animations.

28/04/19: Updated YouTube video

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