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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Google Pixel 8a’s latest features and design leaked ahead of Google I/O 2024

Discover the design and features of the upcoming Google Pixel 8a through the latest leaks ahead of its May 14 unveiling at Google I/O 2024.

With Google I/O 2024 scheduled for May 14, anticipation for the new Pixel 8a is reaching new heights. Recent have provided a clearer picture of what we can expect from this eagerly awaited mid-range smartphone.

The design of the Google Pixel 8a has been vividly captured in a series of images leaked by the renowned tipster Evan Blass. These images showcase the Pixel 8a from multiple angles and in its four speculated colours: obsidian (black), porcelain (white-ish), bay (blue), and mint (green). While these designs have been seen before, the latest leaks serve to confirm the consistent aesthetic Google is aiming for with its new model. Like its predecessors, the Pixel 8a maintains the iconic camera bar on the back. However, it introduces a more curved frame, setting it apart from the straighter edges of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a.

A recent promotional video for the Pixel 8a surfaced briefly on YouTube before being taken down, indicating an accidental release by Google. Although the video was removed, it didn't escape the eyes of tech enthusiasts who captured several stills, now available on Phandroid. The video didn't reveal many new features but highlighted existing AI functionalities like instant photo edits and live text translations that are also present in other recent Pixel models.

Leaks from Android Headlines have also revealed some of the Pixel 8a's capabilities through promotional images. These include the integration of features like Circle to Search, projected all-day battery life, the advanced Tensor G3 chipset, IP67 protection, and a commendable seven years of security updates. Additionally, the leaks suggest that the Google Pixel 8a will hit the markets on May 16, shortly after its official unveiling at Google I/O. The leaks also included glimpses of the official silicone cases designed for the new model.

As the launch date approaches, these leaks offer a tantalising preview of the Google Pixel 8a, setting the stage for its official debut.

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