RelayThat: Easy tool to create your own branded visuals

by Vincent Wee

Whether working in a small startup or a large multi-national corporation, the need for timely, relevant, and fresh marketing content is a constant commitment for firms to bear. 

While technology has made this easier than ever before, it has not yet systematized the process to such a degree that it can be described as iterative, efficient, and optimized – until now. 

Introducing RelayThat, a full-service easy, and fast design tool that will take your marketing ideas to the next level with powerful technology that takes much of the work out of marketing yet retains all of the creative spirit necessary to convey the campaign’s message. 

A user-friendly UI 

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Ease of use starts with the user interface, and RelayThat is built from the ground up using industry best practices and a few innovations of their own. The interface begins with your vision and expands into a myriad of options for seeing that come to life. Whether you want to promote an online article, iterate on a media image, or otherwise make informational graphics, RelayThat’s interface does all of the heavy liftings, leaving you to monitor quality and tweak as necessary. 

From sizing everything proportionally to switching fonts and graphics on the fly, RelayThat makes sure that your end product is professionally composed and ready for primetime with output options in every major format, including optimizations for major social media platforms. 

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One of the biggest challenges that small firms face in their marketing department is that many of the tools currently out there are quite specialized and even esoteric in terms of features and options. That’s all well and good if you are a big design or marketing firm. However, since most companies need something now and with as minimal pain as possible, the vast majority of these expensive software pieces don’t pull their weight compared with their price and how much time it takes to learn them. 

RelayThat is easy to pick up and learn within a few hours, and it tailors its options and layouts to the most common, most successful methods used in advertising and marketing. It’s like having a marketing expert on staff.

Expert Brand Management offering design consistency and efficacy 

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This factor really rears its head in RelayThat’s innate ability to keep your marketing message within your defined brand image. Companies can specify their colors, general tone, and even the general direction of their marketing images. Firms can opt for informational images, promotional posters, or even instructional layouts. No matter what option is selected, RelayThat makes sure that your output matches up with your campaign parameters and the firm’s overall objectives as outlined in the user-defined style guide. 

The ability to generate marketing images and layouts that tie in with one another thematically is often what separates the professionals from the amateurs. RelayThat makes sure companies don’t fall into common mistakes that DIY entrepreneurs so often make regarding marketing. 

A library of fabulous fonts and images

RelayThat - 5

Another significant benefit of the RelayThat platform is its curated selection of images, fonts, and dynamic, eye-catching color combinations. Licensing images are often a huge marketing expense for firms in any industry, but RelayThat combines that often burdensome cost with its general package. 

RelayThat - 3
RelayThat - 6

And we’re not just talking about your average, run-of-the-mill graphics, either. RelayThat’s image library is a masterful selection of top-performing pictures that have worked for thousands of other clients and will work for you. Its fonts and color combinations are proven winners in being aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and conforming to industry best practices. 

One-click resize and fast-design automation capabilities 

All of this comes together in a powerful marketing machine that will carry your company throughout the year and on multiple platforms across multiple media formats, from images to video. 

RelayThat refers to this process as “fast design automation.” The benefits for the end-user are so immediate as to both speak to the power of the technology itself and enticing firms to start thinking bigger because now they have the ability to do just that. Users can define their campaign parameters, what kinds of output they need (images for Facebook and Instagram, video for YouTube, etc.). With one-click processing, they get what they need to begin running their new campaign immediately. 

RelayThat - 7
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What would have taken hours of adjustments and resizing in the past is now done with one click. On top of the time savings involved, firms’ implicit ability to pivot as their marketing needs change. Because it is much easier to create a campaign with RelayThat, firms can be agile in their marketing and responsive to changing business needs. 

The platform also allows you to import brand elements and content via their “Magic Import” feature, which help to save a lot of time and effort.

Its ability to communicate dynamically in an environment dominated by social media cannot be understated. Firms that pride themselves on being the first to market, advancing cutting-edge practices, or staying on top of current events cannot rely upon the old production systems of the past (that often take weeks to months at best) but, instead, need new technology that is capable of accommodating their needs in a fast-paced world. 

The verdict: RelayThat

Firms that need fast, responsive design that is as easy as the click of a mouse need look no further than RelayThat. An expertly crafted piece of tech, RelayThat is truly the future of marketing in the digital age and replaces many of the past labor-intensive processes with new, efficient, and cost-effective methods that free up resources within your firm for doing more. Push forward with bold ideas, build your brand’s image, respond to current events, or simply replace your traditional marketing with the ways of tomorrow; RelayThat is a partner companies can trust no matter what the end objective might be. 

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