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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Digital Transformation

Newgen partners with ASEAN Business Partners to expand in Southeast Asia

Newgen Software teams up with ASEAN Business Partners to enhance digital banking in Southeast Asia as of May 15, 2024.

SingPost taps Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation

SingPost collaborates with Google Cloud to enhance its digital capabilities, deploying advanced AI tools and robust security measures, achieving significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

YugabyteDB: Unveiling the potential of database modernisation in APAC

YugabyteDB proves to be more than just a database; it's a pivotal solution aiding APAC businesses in navigating the digital landscape, showcasing scalability, resilience, and versatility, thereby playing a crucial role in regional digital transformation.

Lenovo: From hardware dominance to shaping cloud infrastructure across the Asia Pacific

Lenovo is evolving from a hardware-focused company to a solutions-driven entity, marked by key partnerships like Formula 1 and innovative concepts like 'invisible infrastructure'.

The global payments facility driving digital transformation today

Digital transformation is a trend that all businesses should follow, regardless of size or niche. And we don’t talk only about implementing it internally...

The future of business is digital

There are so many options for taking advantage of digital marketing and digital transformation

Identify critical metrics to measure digital transformation success

Many companies are on their way to digital transformation