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Thursday, May 30, 2024

User Experience

Meta tests a new Tweetdeck-like feature for Threads

Meta tests a Tweetdeck-like feature on Threads to allow users to monitor multiple updates in one streamlined view.

Google Sheets introduces one-click table formatting, delighting Excel switchers

Google Sheets' new feature allows one-click table formatting, streamlining data management, and exciting users familiar with Excel.

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro might be equipped with an M4 chip

Rumours suggest Apple's upcoming iPad Pro may feature an M4 chip, OLED displays, and more, with an announcement expected on May 7.

Google is set to merge Keep reminders with Tasks in a streamlined update

Google announces the integration of Keep reminders into Tasks, aiming to simplify task management across its apps.

Razer unveils the Kishi Ultra: A versatile gaming controller for multiple devices

Discover Razer's new Kishi Ultra, a versatile gaming controller compatible with iOS, Android, and PC devices.

Understanding the impact of 503 status codes on SEO

Discover how Google's tolerance for brief 503 errors can influence your SEO strategy and site management.

Threads introduces native GIF search for web users

Threads now supports native GIF search and posting on the desktop, making it easier for users to add animated flair to their posts.

Discord welcomes developers with open arms: New SDK launches

Discover how Discord is revolutionising its platform by introducing a new SDK for developers to create interactive games and apps.