Friday, February 23, 2024

User Experience

WhatsApp introduces new text formatting options for enhanced messaging experience

Discover WhatsApp's latest update introducing bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code, making messaging more effective.

Google Workspace enhancements unveiled for Android Tablets

Discover the latest updates to Google Workspace apps, enhancing the user experience on Android tablets with new features.

Android 15 to offer enhanced settings for seniors and less tech-savvy users

Discover how Google's upcoming Android 15 update is set to revolutionise accessibility with Easy Pre-set mode.

Samsung acknowledges display issues on Galaxy S24 Ultra, promises software fix

Samsung acknowledges display problems on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and promises a software fix to enhance screen quality, addressing user concerns.

Digital Services Awards 2023: A celebration of inclusivity and user-centric technology

The Digital Services Awards 2023, themed "Empathy at the heart of tech", expands to include the private sector and introduces new categories, emphasising user-centric technology design.

Google finalises its October 2023 spam update

Google wraps up its October 2023 Spam Update to enhance search results and combat spam, particularly for non-English queries. Here's what you need to know and how to adapt

YouTube rolls out a slew of new features to enhance user experience

YouTube announces a significant update featuring over 36 new user-friendly features. The update focuses on improved viewing, streamlined search, and a modern design.

UX rules tech startups need to master

Startups are exciting young companies with great ideas trying to take over the world. And working in such a place is also very exciting...