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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Singaporean workers lead the world in generative AI use at work

Survey finds Singaporean Millennials and Gen Z lead in using generative AI at work, boosting productivity and reducing burnout.

XTIMES-DA secures series B funding to boost electronic design automation

XTIMES-DA secures Series B funding to accelerate its R&D and expand into new markets, reinforcing its position as a leader in electronic design automation.

Microsoft introduces Copilot AI agents to revolutionise business automation

Microsoft introduces Copilot AI agents to revolutionise business automation, streamlining tasks efficiently and enhancing productivity.

How United Airlines enhances passenger experiences with AI technology

Discover how United Airlines is using AI to improve passenger communications and streamline operations, enhancing overall travel experiences.

The role of AI and automation in shaping modern customer experiences

Explore how AI and automation are revolutionising customer service, enhancing efficiency, personalisation, and real-time interactions for transformative customer experiences.

No-code AI and the bridge to business technology

Discover the role of No-code AI platforms in bridging business and technology gaps, empowering non-technical teams, and fostering innovation.

BMW’s automated driving arrives with the new Series 7

BMW introduces Personal Pilot L3 in the new Series 7, offering Level 3 automated driving for an advanced, hands-free experience on the road from spring 2024.

Embracing change: Leverage modern technology to realize competitive advantage quickly

Learn how technology can give you the means you need to achieve a competitive advantage